Welcome.  If  you are facing a criminal charge for DWI,
Assault, Drugs, Weapons, Theft, Embezzlement
, or
any other felony or misdemeanor, your rights and liberty
are at stake.  Prosecutors care about only one thing --
-- and their boss, the District Attorney, the
next election.  
They do not care about what really
, assuming almost every Defendant is guilty.  
Without legal representation, Defendants are taking
unjustifiable risks that could have terrible consequences
for years to come.  We are here to help you protect your

Our Firm's Mission Statement:

Magee Law Firm, P.C. is a firm dedicated to the
zealous representation of clients in criminal law
matters. We value our clients and are committed to
using our years of legal expertise to provide them
with the most skilled legal representation available.
 That is our promise.

Simply put, we demand justice for our clients
without hesitation or apology to anyone

Call us now at 512-857-6692.  Free
telephone consultation.  Payment
plans are available in most cases.
Magee Law Firm, P.C. offers flexible payment options and will consult
with you on potential sources of financing your criminal case.  
Payment in full is expected prior to final disposition of your case.
No person shall be held to
answer for a capital, or
otherwise infamous crime,
unless on a presentment or
indictment of a Grand
Jury, except in cases
arising in the land or naval
forces, or in the Militia,
when in actual service in
time of War or public
danger; nor shall any
person be subject for the
same offence to be twice
put in jeopardy of life or
limb; nor shall be
compelled in any criminal
case to be a witness
against himself, nor be
deprived of life, liberty, or
property, without due
process of law; nor shall
private property be taken
for public use, without just

-- Fifth Amendment to the
United States Constitution
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